GREDI FX is an experienced company that bets in the sector of special effects in great diversity of scopes: movies, TV, publicity and theater, but also in all kind of events and spectacles, working at state level.
It sets up in Girona and Barcelona. This company results from the fusion between different companies and projects like Bombolla, Grabo, Festinamus and P.Q. Mits.
This has allowed Gredi FX to acquire experience in the world of the assemblies, spectacles and events with Bombolla (since 1994), in assemblies at technical level and special effects with Grabo (since 2000), in street spectacles, music and theater with Festinamus (since 2003), and in special effects and cinematographic productions with P.Q.Mits (from 1985).
The company has a team of professionals with great experience and a lot of machinery to make all kind of special effect, giving the possibility of renting it.

Among other productions, GREDI FX has been working in Operación Triunfo, Buenafuente, Polònia or Ventdelplà.